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TCM School Sponsorships Nepal Posted on Mon, January 07, 2019 01:58:17

I am Bibek Syangtan. Two years ago,
have been supported from TCM Sozial Forum for my acupuncture studies. Our second
year study had finished and the second year was gone well. We learned ideas
about acupuncture, how syndrome differentiate, how to balance yin and yang and
what happen when imbalance of yin and yang in our body. Also knew about the
general health and little bit about western medicine. Some other applications
like acupressure, cupping and moxa we practiced during this year.

School also provided us to visit moxa
factory located in the Chovar. We learned there how to collect, how to select
good moxa leaves, how it process for best quality of moxa and why it is
important in TCM. That was a good experience also

We have great
festival here “Dasain and Tihar” 2 months before festival we had final
examination of second year. We prepared well for exam and after exam we all
went to home for festival to celebrate with families. During vacation I was in
village with my mom.

After the
festival we had third year started and class is going nice we have few subjects
in this year not many as first and second year. We also got clinical practices
in our school like acupuncture, in the lab, OPD and in the vitals. We are
really enjoying and learning more that way. Few weeks ago school held welcome
and farewell programs, we took participate and sang songs, some of friends were

At the bottom, I can understand,’’ how
much effort you do?’’ to provide the opportunity for those who want to learn
something but can’t do by their own. We are not only getting financial support from this Organization love, care, courage and strength. We appreciate your help and support. Yes, I
would like to add about my 1st year result was not impressive. This
year I also had given the back paper of my 1st year exam. But I’m
not the person who gets the tired or given up easily in the middle of something. I want to go till
the end. i know it might be hard for me but success could not be found in simple way. Only this year left for studies we made it so far thank you so much
for everything, what have you done.

smileylove from Nepalsmiley
Bibek Syangtan(Lama)


TCM School Sponsorships Nepal Posted on Fri, January 04, 2019 11:01:06

The time run very
fast it has been already two
year completely and running this third year to connect with this organization
and your continue support till now so could not stop to say thank you so
much for the continue support.

Now I would
like to write about my second year examination and some class activities that
we had done. The first exam was the class test it was month after of our class
start so not very difficult for us. After that our class started as usual time as
like before and after sometime
of our study there was a second term examination means second class test
exam. We had tried our best on that exam too. In the mean time of our study
there was a moxa collection program and to collect the moxa plant we need to go
in the field place called Chovar near from Kathmandu valley so our collage
provide a bus to go there as they make plan total student of our class and
senior student from third year and teachers that was a quite amazing experience
for me. We all get a chance to know about moxa plant and observe from very near,
there were so many species in the world and I think Artemisia vulgaris is
available on that place as teacher said and we collected some moxa plant to
bring in our collage for practicing the processing of moxa wool, after done the
field visit our teacher take us to the moxa factory which was located near to
Soyambhu temple and place called Sitapaila and I think this is the only one
factory in Nepal where they produce and sale to market as well as they export
the moxa stick in Japan, again we all get opportunity to learn how to make a
good quality from mugwort leaves.

As the time
goes our collage again announced the routine of third examination means midterm exam and we had give our time in the study as
much as we can, after done the midterm exam we had a holiday for some days to
be prepared for pre-board exam that was
coming ahead. It was a bit challenging for me because I wanted to get a good
mark to myself. The pre-board exam start since 28/June/2018 to till 11/July/2018
and exam has been gone very well as we had hoped. Now the final exam means
board exam had been started since 20/July/2018 and goes until a months because
each subject has 3 days gap to prepared,
anyway the final exam of second year has gone as we had thought
hopefully the result will come good. After finished the board exam we also need
to attend the practical examination, since they made a routine we all attend
the practical exam then 2nd year has been finished.

Now I would
like to add about our holiday so there
was holiday before pre-board start again before start the final exam and after
done of second year at that time our festival was coming and again we had
holiday till the festival gone, we had celebration the festival as I had mention
in previous report.

I also want
to add about the program of third year and in third year we have to study the
five subject which are listed below.



-Methods of
acupuncture and moxa



AS I had
listed the subjects we are going to study hard and will send you the report

At last I
will always looking forward to have positive response from your side and thank
you again to this organization.

Recenyly in our collage had organized the program of welcome to program done by our class doing singing and dancing and taking the good advices to to go ahead from senior students student and farewell for the senior students who has finished their study,that
Reported by
surendra ale magar(suman)


TCM School Sponsorships Nepal Posted on Fri, November 24, 2017 11:21:27

I didn’t write down a report for a long time because we were busy for our final exam and after that, we headed back to our village to celebrate the big festival called Dashain and Tihar with our families and relatives. Here Dashain and Tihar is the most important and biggest festival of our country where we celebrate this festival with joy and sharing the happiness with each other in family member by putting the tika of different color in the forehead which symbolizes the love and respect towards the family, and to be successful, healthy, and wealthy in every step of life. It is always good to spend little more time with families and relatives, especially in the festival because all the family member just gather around in one place whether they live in different places.

To be honest, last year it was pretty hard for me in studying because I had to study science. Actually, it’s been almost 10 years that I left the study. Papers of the chemistry and the math weren’t gone so well as I thought. I know it will take time to recover and I’m getting through it. I still believe that this is not the end of my journey. So, it won’t stop me from my duty and go further in my way of acupuncture. Rest of the papers was gone nicely so far. Those two papers, I might have to give them this year and I’m ready for that too. I’m not going to lose my potential.

This year the class has been started already. Subjects are so interesting such as Therapeutic, Pathology, General medicine, Acupoints and Diagnosis, Acupressure and Oriental Massage, Basic Theory of Oriental Medicine and Moxibustion. We are very excited to learn that in the way of Chinese philosophy how meridians run, which one is the pair of them, how Qi flows inside and outside of our body, yin-yang theory as well as some Chinese diagnosis. It is quite amazing to learn new things. Diagnosis technique is different from Allopathic which makes even interesting. Some of the subjects are also related to last year like Anatomy and Microbiology and which are very helpful too.

At last, I am very thankful to this organization for providing this great opportunity and letting us know about acupuncture, which with we can help our community.


TCM School Sponsorships Nepal Posted on Wed, May 24, 2017 16:17:27

My journey of acupuncture has been started with the help of TCM sozial forum. I’m very thankful to this organization for providing me this great opportunity, which means a lot for me and I feel so lucky to have friends like Sascha Kuster, Sylvia Kon Pandey, and Anjali is taking good care of us and also we would like to thank her for that.

We go to school to learn more from teachers as well as friends with new hope and we love to learn that way by sharing. We have the good relationship between teachers and students. We have done some practical classes as well. It feels really nice to learn with practice and easy to memorize, which is very helpful for us.

We just finished our midterm examination and it went very well and I put every effort to get through of it. we had days off for few days after the examination. We went our village there was election held by Government of Nepal. We took place in the election. We return back to Kathmandu on Friday because from Tuesday school has started as usual and everything is going well. Everyone is friendly. I think if people were friendlier around us then it makes easier to do something or learn smoothly.

At last, I would like to say thank to TCM sozial forum Switzerland and TCM sozial forum Germany. Always look forward to work with this organization and very proud to be a part of it.