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TCM School Sponsorships Nepal Posted on Wed, December 04, 2019 11:41:07

Love the life you live and live the life you love because love can bring life into existence and when there is love life will keep rolling in a certain way that sometimes it can bring the beautiful moments and sometimes sad moments which we have never expected. Love doesn’t happen when you try to happen it just happens unexpectedly and the great things is if you understand the deep meaning of it then love will be precious in life and life will be full of love and this full of love you can spread out with happiness and even you can share it to world and you will enjoy every moment of life.

Hello and Namaste everyone! It’s me Pawan Thapa one of the students of the TCM social forum, once again I am here with my other report about my acupuncture course and to share my experiences with you. Hope that you will enjoy it.

Well, recently I have finished 3 years of acupuncture diploma course from acupuncture school here in Nepal. I may have already mentioned the school name in my previous report but still, I am going to mention it here again. The name of the school is called.” rural health education and services center”, which is the first acupuncture school of Nepal and I am the 4th batch student.

I am very Thankful to TCM Social forum for their support and for providing me the opportunity to join the acupuncture school. Especially many thanks to Sylvia khon, who believed in me and support me. And thanks to all those people who have supported me and courage me to bring me here so far. I am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. Thanks a lot for being a part of my life.

Warm welcome to Sylvia khon in my home town.

It had been through an amazing journey during this course. I found amazing and helpful teachers who had been so friendly to us. I have a feeling that it was just like yesterday but time has passed so quickly as the blinking of an eye and it was possible due to such wonderful teachers and lovely friends which I enjoyed learning the acupuncture.

Photo capture with Dr. Manju Dahal(Principal)
Photo on the occasion of farewell program
Photo with dearest teacher.

As I have already mentioned in my previous report that the acupuncture courses are for 3 years. In the first year, I studied basic science and from the second year the acupuncture course with its theory and its practical stuff. during the practical time, I learned to localized the acupoints and the channel and meridian on the human body. For this, we paired up and practice on each other’s bodies. Also, we practice the needling technique and manipulating technique and experience the feeling of qi on each other’s body. At the end of the third year I sent in two different hospitals for practicing Acupuncture for six months where I spend three months at nardevi Ayurvedic hospital and I got chance to do acupuncture with different case studies which were great opportunities for me and another three months I spend on Gokarna hospital where I got chance to know the western medicine. During this period, I was experiencing new things and sharing the treatment protocols and good results of treatment with my friends too.

Practicing NADA protocol
Practical in Gokarna Hospital
Fire and moving cupping technique.
Needling and moxibustion to the patient at nardevi hospital.

And one thing I would like to mention here which one of my teachers said, that there is nothing good or bad, its all about trained and untrained. so, here I am practicing acupuncture whenever there is a possibility to practice. Besides learning in school, I have been practicing in Benchen free clinic with Anjali Tamang( who is also one of the students of TCM and employee in benchen free clinic) and Matthias Hunecka( who is the responsible person of the acupuncture department of Benchen free clinic). So Additionally I would like to thanks Matthias for allowing me to join his classes and also allowing me to practice in the clinic and sharing his experiences and knowledge with me. It’s been two years that I am learning with him in his presence in Nepal and also looking forward to learning more from him in the future.

Pulse diagnosis in benchen free clinic.
Invitation at patient home.
On the occasion of farewell program.

So far I have experienced and found a lot of positive response of acupuncture healing method without causing any side effects in the human body and came to know how different seasonal and climates can effects and generate the pain and disease in the human body and how it creates the disharmony between yin and yang. And the other hand this treatment method is very effective at low cost, therefore I choose to study TCM.

I know, acupuncture can help to ease the pain but it would be very nice to combine with herbs as well to be more effective. According to the yin and yang theory, acupuncture works as the yang part and the herbs as the yin part. but we don’t have any courses for herbs here, need to go abroad to study which very expensive but if the TCM social forum still supports me then I would like to join physiotherapy or naturopathy to combine with acupuncture. I know this organization is small and have limited donation and I appreciate their support and I hope that there will be some people who would help to make my wish possible.

For now, we are planning to organize some acupuncture health camps until we get our license, to practice more and more and to help people of the village who can’t afford to go to the hospital for treatment.

let’s see how it works

So many thanks to all who have been supporting to TCM Social Forum by donating and thankful to Sylvia once again for all your support and love towards me.


TCM School Sponsorships Nepal Posted on Wed, May 15, 2019 18:35:25

Hello, and Namaste everyone, hope that everyone is doing well.

Everything is going well so far for me, well my study in traditional Chinese medicine is now on the edge, I mean it is going to be finished after a few months. The theory classes have been already finished but still, I have to attend the final exam and the practical for few months. So I am doing a practical in an Ayurvedic hospital. This hospital is an old Ayurvedic hospital where the number of people visits daily for their health concern. There are several departments such as physiotherapy, panchakarma, acupuncture, steam heating, OPD as well as another department. Here I am practicing the acupuncture treatment in the acupuncture department with my friends which is very exciting to learn new things and interact with patients. Most of the patients we observe daily in this hospital is hemiplegia, lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc. So we are trying to diagnosis the disease and applying the theory which we learned in our college.. Sometimes the disease pattern is very difficult to understand but the doctors and acupuncturist are helping us along to make us clear with the western point of view as well as in TCM way too. And I am doing best from my side and always I am seeking to learn new things and making myself as a capable person

, hoping one day I will be a good acupuncturist and I will give a good treatment.

Often in life, we feel down and slumping in our life. At these times our soul needs inspiration and motivation just like the body needs food. We all need inspiration and motivation to free our soul from the bondage of worries and give our life a direction. Inspiration and motivation is food for our soul that desperately drives us to be better and be the person we dream to be. And I am thankful to TCM sozial forum organization and the member of this organization for supporting us to change our hope into reality and always inspired us to do such great things.

Thank you very much


TCM School Sponsorships Nepal Posted on Mon, January 07, 2019 01:58:17

I am Bibek Syangtan. Two years ago,
have been supported from TCM Sozial Forum for my acupuncture studies. Our second
year study had finished and the second year was gone well. We learned ideas
about acupuncture, how syndrome differentiate, how to balance yin and yang and
what happen when imbalance of yin and yang in our body. Also knew about the
general health and little bit about western medicine. Some other applications
like acupressure, cupping and moxa we practiced during this year.

School also provided us to visit moxa
factory located in the Chovar. We learned there how to collect, how to select
good moxa leaves, how it process for best quality of moxa and why it is
important in TCM. That was a good experience also

We have great
festival here “Dasain and Tihar” 2 months before festival we had final
examination of second year. We prepared well for exam and after exam we all
went to home for festival to celebrate with families. During vacation I was in
village with my mom.

After the
festival we had third year started and class is going nice we have few subjects
in this year not many as first and second year. We also got clinical practices
in our school like acupuncture, in the lab, OPD and in the vitals. We are
really enjoying and learning more that way. Few weeks ago school held welcome
and farewell programs, we took participate and sang songs, some of friends were

At the bottom, I can understand,’’ how
much effort you do?’’ to provide the opportunity for those who want to learn
something but can’t do by their own. We are not only getting financial support from this Organization love, care, courage and strength. We appreciate your help and support. Yes, I
would like to add about my 1st year result was not impressive. This
year I also had given the back paper of my 1st year exam. But I’m
not the person who gets the tired or given up easily in the middle of something. I want to go till
the end. i know it might be hard for me but success could not be found in simple way. Only this year left for studies we made it so far thank you so much
for everything, what have you done.

smileylove from Nepalsmiley
Bibek Syangtan(Lama)


TCM School Sponsorships Nepal Posted on Fri, January 04, 2019 11:01:06

The time run very
fast it has been already two
year completely and running this third year to connect with this organization
and your continue support till now so could not stop to say thank you so
much for the continue support.

Now I would
like to write about my second year examination and some class activities that
we had done. The first exam was the class test it was month after of our class
start so not very difficult for us. After that our class started as usual time as
like before and after sometime
of our study there was a second term examination means second class test
exam. We had tried our best on that exam too. In the mean time of our study
there was a moxa collection program and to collect the moxa plant we need to go
in the field place called Chovar near from Kathmandu valley so our collage
provide a bus to go there as they make plan total student of our class and
senior student from third year and teachers that was a quite amazing experience
for me. We all get a chance to know about moxa plant and observe from very near,
there were so many species in the world and I think Artemisia vulgaris is
available on that place as teacher said and we collected some moxa plant to
bring in our collage for practicing the processing of moxa wool, after done the
field visit our teacher take us to the moxa factory which was located near to
Soyambhu temple and place called Sitapaila and I think this is the only one
factory in Nepal where they produce and sale to market as well as they export
the moxa stick in Japan, again we all get opportunity to learn how to make a
good quality from mugwort leaves.

As the time
goes our collage again announced the routine of third examination means midterm exam and we had give our time in the study as
much as we can, after done the midterm exam we had a holiday for some days to
be prepared for pre-board exam that was
coming ahead. It was a bit challenging for me because I wanted to get a good
mark to myself. The pre-board exam start since 28/June/2018 to till 11/July/2018
and exam has been gone very well as we had hoped. Now the final exam means
board exam had been started since 20/July/2018 and goes until a months because
each subject has 3 days gap to prepared,
anyway the final exam of second year has gone as we had thought
hopefully the result will come good. After finished the board exam we also need
to attend the practical examination, since they made a routine we all attend
the practical exam then 2nd year has been finished.

Now I would
like to add about our holiday so there
was holiday before pre-board start again before start the final exam and after
done of second year at that time our festival was coming and again we had
holiday till the festival gone, we had celebration the festival as I had mention
in previous report.

I also want
to add about the program of third year and in third year we have to study the
five subject which are listed below.



-Methods of
acupuncture and moxa



AS I had
listed the subjects we are going to study hard and will send you the report

At last I
will always looking forward to have positive response from your side and thank
you again to this organization.

Recenyly in our collage had organized the program of welcome to program done by our class doing singing and dancing and taking the good advices to to go ahead from senior students student and farewell for the senior students who has finished their study,that
Reported by
surendra ale magar(suman)

Warum ich Mitglied bin

Mitglieder TCM-Sozialforum Posted on Fri, November 23, 2018 17:35:48

Im Jahr 2015 habe ich zum ersten Mal das TCM-Sozialforum näher kennengelernt, am TCM-Kongress in Rothenburg.
Einige Monate später (15/16) durfte ich das TCM-Sozialforum-Projekt
“MVT” in Nordindien unterstützen. Dort habe ich eine intensive,
bereichernde Erfahrung als Volontärin gemacht.

Und da durfte ich mit meinen eigenen Augen sehen, wie viel mit einfachen
Mitteln bewegt werden kann
: Dank Behandlungen von der Dauer einiger
Monaten, konnten Kinder und Jugendliche wieder gehen. Chronische und
akute Schmerzen konnten gelindert, und das Lächeln auf dem Gesicht der
Patienten wieder gezaubert werden. Das ist ja auch der Name von MVT,
Muskan Viklang Trust: Lass die Behinderten lächeln.

So war das für mich eine logische Konsequenz, Mitglied vom TCM-Sozialforum zu werden.
Übrigens: eine solche bereichernde Erfahrung wünsche ich jedem Therapeuten.
Darum stehe ich für Interessierte, die zu Muskan Viklang Trust reisen wollen, gerne als Ansprechpartner zur Verfügung.

Meine Einladung am TCM Kongress Rothenburg

Mitglieder TCM-Sozialforum Posted on Thu, November 22, 2018 11:15:44

Ich heiße Lucia Rizzo, bin Psychologin und Akupunkteurin, meine
Heilpraxis befindet sich in Ainring, unmittelbar an der
österreichischen Grenze.

Ich durfte in Dezember 2015 und Januar 2016 meine MVT-Kollegen für 3
Wochen bei der Arbeit unterstützen.
Meine Idee, mich für das TCM Sozialforum aktiv zu beteiligen, ist
am TCM Kongress in Rothenburg entstanden.

Dort lauschte ich gebannt einem indischen Kollegen zu, als er über ein
Hilfsprojekt in Mumbai berichtete, wunderschöne Bilder zeigte und mich
träumend nach Indien mitnahm.

Seine Worte und seine Bilder hatten einen Samen in meinem Herzen
gepflanzt, der mich innerlich sehr beschäftigte und Tag nach Tag weiter
Tatsächlich flog ich im selben Jahr selbst nach Bodhgaya, wo ich
eine einmalige, sehr bereichernde Erfahrung machte, wie ich
sie jedem Therapeuten wünsche.
Darüber berichte ich ebenfalls in
diesem Blog

Das TCM Kongress in Rothenburg war also der Keim dieser
einmaligen Erfahrung. Hier begann alles, und wie konnte es anders

Dejá vu nach 3 Jahren

Als mich Sylvia Köhn-Pandey im Jahr 2018 am TCM Kongress einlud,
um anderen Kollegen über meine Erfahrung zu erzählen, fühlte ich
mich geehrt und überglücklich.
Da war die Chance, die Samen aus der entstandenen Früchten weiter
zu reichen!

Am Kongress angekommen, durfte ich ein paar Kongresskurse
besuchen, Sylvia bei einigen TCM-Sozialforum-Tätigkeiten
unterstützen, und am 11. Mai war es soweit:
Während der Mittagspause, in einem schönen Holz-Raum im “Wildbad”,
hielt ich einen Vortrag über meine Tätigkeit als Volontärin in

Auf diesem Weg begegnete ich Menschen die überlegten, sich ehrenamtlich zu engagieren.
Andere Teilnehmer waren einfach interessiert und neugierig, mehr
zu wissen.
Diese Begegnungen ließen mich innerlich aufblühen und Hoffnung sprießen.

Jeder engagierter Kollege, jeder interessierter Mensch, ist ein
potentieller Multiplikator: er/sie kann dieses wertvolle Projekt
finanziell oder tatkräftig unterstützen…
…und wiederum Samen säen, die irgendwo anders aufgehen werden.

Danke allen interessierten Kollegen für ihren Wunsch, aus dieser Welt einen besseren Ort zu
machen smiley


Als Volontärin in Nordindien

News Muskan Viklang Trust Posted on Sat, November 03, 2018 12:46:36

Ich heiße Lucia Rizzo, bin Dipl. Psychologin und Heilpraktikerin, meine Heilpraxis mit Schwerpunkt Akupunktur und Hypnose befindet sich in Ainring, unmittelbar an der österreichischen Grenze.

Ich durfte in Dezember 2015 und Januar 2016 meine MVT-Kollegen für 3 Wochen bei der Arbeit unterstützen – eine einmalige, sehr bereichernde Erfahrung, die ich jedem Therapeuten wünsche.

Ich kam an einem Samstag Abend in Bodhgaya an, ziemlich schnell fühlte ich mich unter meinen Kollegen wie in einer großen Familie: der kulturelle „Gap“ war, Dank ihrem offenen und neugierigen Geist, schnell überwunden. Ich wohnte im Guesthouse Rahul, einer sehr ruhigen, sauberen und zentralen Pension, wo auch viele asiatischen Mönche und Nonnen untergebracht waren. Dort wurde ich jeden Vormittag von meinem Kollegen Ajay abgeholt, einem begnadeten Motorradfahrer, der sich und mich gekonnt und sicher durch das gewöhnungsbedürftige, dichte indische Verkehr schleuste. Mit dem Motorrad fuhren wir zu verschiedenen Dörfern (1 bis 2 am Tag) über mehr oder weniger asphaltierten Straßen, wo zahlreiche Patienten auf uns warteten. Meistens handelte es sich um Kinder mit Lähmungen, Cerebralparese oder Polio-Folgen, aber auch einige Schlaganfall-Patienten wollten sich unserer Akupunktur-Behandlung unterziehen. In manchen Fällen klagten die Patienten auch über Rückenschmerzen, Ischialgien oder Tinnitus.

Die Behandlungsorten waren sehr vielfältig, jeder Ort wurde von den Projektleitern vor Jahren gesucht und mit dem jeweiligen Besitzer vereinbart. Mal war das eine Schule, mal die Räumlichkeiten eines anderen Therapeuten, oder – am Häufigsten – der Gemeinde, mal auch das Dach eines unbewohnten Hauses, wie in diesem Video ersichtlich!

Samstags brachte uns Ajay‘s Motorrad zu dem 2-3 Km entfernten Haus von Rakesh, dem Projektleiter, wo ich meine Kollegen über Inhalte aus der chinesischen (vor Allem über die Wandlungsphasen) und japanischen Medizin unterrichtete. Letztere, „Shonishin“ (jap. Meridiantherapie), ist eine spezielle Behandlung von Babys und Kindern bis 10-12 Jahren: es werden keine Nadeln benutzt – nur ein Metallstab – damit können alle Kinder behandelt werden, es gibt kaum Kontraindikationen. Im Haus von Rakesh befindet sich auch eine Werkstatt, in der regelmäßig die Elektroakupunktur-Geräte auf Vordermann gebracht, Gipse erstellt und Krücken repariert werden.

Es war beeindruckend zu sehen, wie rasch viele kleinen Patienten auf die intensiveren Behandlungen reagierten. Wie Rahul, ein kleiner, schüchterner aber strahlender Junge. Er konnte anfangs nicht mal alleine stehen. Rakesh hat ihn zielstrebig und geduldig täglich mit Akupunktur und Physiotherapie behandelt. Nun habe ich mit meinen Augen zusehen dürfen, wie er geht, ja läuft, und mit anderen Kindern spielt!

Alles in Allem, war das eine sehr bereichernde und berührende Erfahrung, die ich jedem und jeder nur wünsche.

Namaste! Lucia


TCM School Sponsorships Nepal Posted on Fri, November 02, 2018 09:46:59

Namaste everybody, our second year of acupuncture studies has finished. Now we have got only third-year left to complete the course after that we will get the license to do work in Nepal. The second-year exam was gone very well so the result will be published at the end of December or at the beginning of January. Now the class of the third year has been started from September 17, 2018, and the major subject of this year are listed
Method of Acupuncture and moxa
Community medicine
Therapeutic II
Clinical practice of therapeutic II

Nowadays we have a holiday for a month because of the big festival Dashain and Tihar after that the class will run smoothly. This is our last year of acupuncture studies so there is lots of clinical practice which is very much exciting for us as well as challenging too. We have to go out visiting for case studies about the common disease.

Also, I got chance to attend the classes from Matthias hunecke at benchen gumba which was very much appreciatable for me to have a valuable time of him to manage a class after the clinic. He was here in Nepal for short period of time but within the short period of time I felt lucky to understand the theory of five element and classical traditional Chinese medicine and got opportunities to practice in benchen gumba free acupuncture clinic.. There I treated several patients within supervision of Matthias and Anjali and found good result with classical treatment.. From this clinical practice, I got inspired to learn more classical traditional Chinese medicine and looking forward to having more classes from Matthias hunecke.

At last, I would like to say that I have received the greatest benefit of anything I can imagine from studies. I would like to thanks all of the people who have contributed to establish the TCM social forum organization and grateful for supporting us.
Thank you very much

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